Hostel for Men / Women

Separate hostels for Men / Women students are available in the University. As the accommodation in the hostels is limited, admission into the college does not confer the right to a seat in the hostel. Admission rules of the hostels may be obtained from the Hostel Office.

Hostel Members

Prof. P. Indira

Warden, All Women's Hostels,
Mobile: 9347238632

Dr. G. Gangadharaiah

Manager, women's Hostels
Mobile: 9963706155

Dr. D.Prabhakar

Manager, Atrs Men's Hostels,
Mobile: 9440984387

Dr. M. V. Srinivasan

Manager Sciences Men's Hostels,
Mobile: 9440207878

Prof. B.R. Megaraj

Deputy Warden, Chitravathi Hostels,
Mobile: 9490052229

Dr. R. Ramudu

Deputy Warden, Krishna Hostel,
Mobile: .........


Dr. G. Vijaya Kumar

Deputy Warden, Tungabadra Hostel,
Mobile: .........

Dr. V. L. I. Isaac

Deputy Warden, Sciences Men's Hostel,
Mobile: 986693800

Sri. Kranthi Kumar

Deputy Warden, Mahanandi Hostels,
Mobile: .........

Dr. Ravi

Deputy Warden, Ganga Hostel,
Mobile: 9441361514

Dr. Varalakshmi

Deputy Warden, Godavari Hostel,
Mobile: 7382583115

Miss. E. Sreelatha

Deputy Warden, Godavari Hostel,
Mobile: 9492112556



Miss. Rajini

Deputy Warden, Kaveri Hostel,
Mobile: ........